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  Danube Delta  
  Luxuriant and wild vegetation, from the beginning of the world, covers these expanses of water and earth. The Delta is in fact a labyrinth of branches, channels, lakes, swamps, sand banks and endless passages of reeds. We lose oursevs in groves of white willows or in mixed woods, formed of black poplars, trembling poplars, oaks, bushy ash, elms, and wild apple and pear trees. Here is the domain of creeping plants, such as lianas and wild vines, wich inter-penetrate everywhere. The immense surfaces of rushes, bulrushes and reeds make up unforgettable decor.  
  The Danube Delta, located in the middle of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator, within the Northern Hemisphere, is the youngest territory of Europe. Those who are fond of nature find a magic land in the Delta of the Danube, that recalls the simplicity of the lost Paradise. Before flowing into the Black Sea, the river called Istros and Danubiu by the ancients, parts into three channels: Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe, each of them having a maze of large and small lakes, channels, dunes and sand banks, swamps, reeds and groups of willows. Out of a total surface of 5,640 sqkm, over 4,340 sqkm are in Romanian territory. The delta is an alluvial plane in formation, a land where life is always revived from the beginning in a fantastic interaction between the Danube and the sea. The maximum altitude is of 12.4 m on the sand bank Letea and of 7 m on the sand bank Caraorman